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Multipart MIME Email Guide. This is a guide on how to send a properly formatted multipart email. Multipart email strings are MIME encoded, raw text email templates. This method of structuring an email allows for multiple versions of the same email to support different email clients. svn:externals property tooltip (2010-04-20 13:30:51 CEST) Cindy Salwen. Icons not appearing in the context menu from the Repo-browser (2010-04-19 22:52:19 CEST) Clemens Anhuth. Re: An alternative to ".svn" for storing metadata: ADS (2010-04-13 12:51:58 CEST) Cory L. Possible bug shows diff of Merge History (2010-04-06 21:36:12 CEST) Csolutions Ltd This includes svn:mime-type property for a file. This approach (this feature) looks like remnants of original BerkeleyDB storage engine, and reminds a bit "resource forks" on (older?) MacOS filesystems. The closest equivalent of Subversion's file properties in Git would be gitattributes (per-path attributes). [] · SVN Dev · SVN Users · SVN Org · TSVN Dev · TSVN Users · Subclipse Dev · Subclipse Users 424 messages : Starting 2010-04-01 03:52:08 CEST, Ending 2010-04-30 23:17:42 CEST This period : Most recent messages GMime. What is GMime? GMime is a C/C++ library which may be used for the creation and parsing of messages using the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) as defined by numerous IETF specifications.. GMime features an extremely robust high-performance parser designed to be able to preserve byte-for-byte information allowing developers to re-seralize the parsed messages back to a stream ...

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Alternative Medicine

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